Let's say that instead of records we produce band Tshirts ! To be more precise :
The main angle of our production is dedicated to specific record labels whose artists we wish to honor with  garment collection.
Through this playfull medium, we want to share our respect for a specific kind of music, a radical way to experiment and an unsafe way to create.
As our friends become our stars -although the opposite can happen- the first one we've chosen is Standard In-Fi. We’ve been working together since 2011 as musicians or graphic designers alongside our friendship. Already known for their radical selection and beautiful editions, we were glad to print a selection of bands that inspired us the most lately : Toad, France, Orgue Agnès, Sourdure, Tanz Mein Herz...
More to come with other labels.

Another angle of our productions is free of forms and more experimental.
It focuses on our interest toward textile design and our understanding of fashion.
Our first wish for the close future is to design our own cuts,  in order to keep an eye on production levels. As a matter of fact, we already use deadstocks and second hand unique pieces to dye, bleach, cut or print. This artistic direction ain't chosen to follow any trend, we always believed in outlets and charity shops from the economic and ethical perspective, although, we're glad it's becoming a trend a last.

All pieces are designed, dyed, printed at our studio located in the heart of Brussels.
We’ve got a 4 colors carousel and print with solvent ink that allow us to have colorful, large and precise visuals. Furthermore, we're improving our dyeing technics and possibilities day after day.
We'll consider collaborations with graphic designers or musicians, co-production with labels and customers with specific wishes.
You’re invited to contact us for orders or any kind of request.